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Diamond Electric Holdings Co., Ltd. is a "MONOZUKURI/manufacturing company" listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange; our vision is"Connecting Cars and Homes through Manufacturing".

On September 8th, 2020, our company released the mid-term management plan "DSA2021 Reignition-Counterattack Edition."
To embody our new vision "Connecting Cars and Homes through Manufacturing" we have been working to design and develop inverter and electricity storage systems which will play a central role in the expansion of renewable energy. Our power conversion technology products will play a critical role as the world moves toward a new normal and decarbonized society. In addition, we have been working hard to further strengthen our profit structure and ESG management.

Taking ourselves as an institution for the public, we will contribute to our customer's business while improving society through our business models. Following the major policies of "Focusing on customer-required quality first" we strive for manufacturing processes that contributes to the future.

YuuRi Ono
President and CEO

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