Our Vision and Philosophy

Management Philosophy

We Are Shiny Hustling Comrades.
We Are Seeking the Happiness of Our Comrades,
By Supporting Our Customers First,
By Contributing to Society,
By the Trust, to Earn Their Trust.
Established on October 1, 2021
by YuuRi Ono, President and CEO


Contribute to the Improvement of Our Global Environment by Connecting Cars and Homes with Manufacturing
Established in August 2023
by YuuRi Ono, President and CEO

President's Three Major Policies

  1. Meet Customer Quality Standards.
  2. Reduce Costs.
  3. Promote Positive Work Environment.
Established in July 4, 2016
by YuuRi Ono, President and CEO


Re-Ignite the World
Reignition and Counterattack, Keep Pushing
Established on January 7, 2021
by YuuRi Ono, President and CEO

Quality Policy

We Keep on Providing Peace of Mind,
Safety and Excitement to the World
by Striving to Meet the High Standards of
Our World-Class Customers in Manufacturing.
Established on October 31, 2017
by YuuRi Ono, President and CEO

Declaration of Multifaceted Human Rights

 We, All Diamonds, respect all kinds of blood, color, body, origin, tribe, gender, age, belief or religion.

 We never accept any kind of discrimination, never allow people discriminate against the weak.

 We maintain fair and green trades, never include any kind of discrimination, to serve the public interest.
Established on Match 25, 2024
by YuuRi Ono, President and CEO

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