Group CSR Management

Group CSR Management

Under our management philosophy "Customers First," we pursue the following Group CSR management, aiming to become a group of professionals that proudly contributes to all stakeholders.

01. Corporate Governance

We aim to carry out accurate group operational management based on the corporate governance promotion system.

02. Internal Control

Risk Management

With regard to intellectual property, legal, foreign exchange, credit, tax, and other risks that may affect the performance, stock price, and financial condition of the group management, we will identify each risk and establish a management system in accordance with the "Group Responsibility and Authority Regulations" and related rules.


In order to comply with various domestic and foreign laws and regulations, social norms, company rules, and contractual agreements, we will establish a system to avoid not only clear violations but also suspected or foreseeable violations in accordance with the "Group Compliance Policy" and the "Group Compliance Violation and Fraud Risk Management Standards".

Operational Efficiency

While enhancing the experience and skills of our comrades, we will build an efficient business promotion system through organizational reforms and review of business processes.

Appropriate Financial Reporting

In accordance with the principles of corporate accounting, the Company shall establish a management system that aims to accurately and promptly process transactions associated with management activities, to provide true and clear financial reports regarding business results and financial position, to improve the numerical control and efficiency of business activities, and to serve as a basis for conducting audits regarding financial and management conditions.

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