Mobility Equipment Business

Mobility Equipment Business Mobility Equipment Business

Coil the World * We have changed our former group slogan to the Mobility Equipment Business.
Bringing the safety, security, and excitement of our customers together with our company's "trust"

From high performance cars to tractors, mainly popular cars; our ignition products can be used on a wide range of applications.

Automotive industry requires suppliers to achieve the highest quality, safety and environmental standards such as development of fuel cells, response to the CASE* application and so forth. Therefore new ideas and rapid development capability are both becoming indispensable.
With our experience and the support of our excellent design engineering team, we have been developing products that will be useful for the next generation, and will meet the demands of the market.

* CASE: A term that refers to next-generation automobile technologies and services such as Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Service, and Electric.

Unwavering Trust and New Proposals in the Automobile Industry

To be the World Leader in Ignition Coil Market Share

We strongly believe that various technologies for the internal combustion engine are expected to evolve parallel to the accelerated vehicle electrification.
The challenge for internal combustion engines is to improve thermal efficiency. As one of the solutions we realized "Multi-Spark Ignition Coil" that controls discharge at the 1/1000 second level and enables multiple spark discharges, which is currently mass-produced.
Toward the future, we will continue to develop high-performance, cutting-edge ignition coils by considering ignition as a system, and provide optimal products for a variety of combustion concepts.

To meet the technical needs of various internal combustion engines, we are developing active ignition system that maximizes flame growth towards the future.

Challenge to New Technologies for the Expanding EV/P-HEV Market

We have been engaged in R&D and commercialization of the core power conversion technology since the dawn of electrification of automobiles.
Our typical products are on-board chargers, DC-DC converters and inverters for vehicles; we have supported the electrification of automobiles by making them compact, lightweight and highly efficient all with in-vehicle quality.
In combination with these in-vehicle power conversion technologies with the grid interconnection technology cultivated in inverter and electricity storage systems, we are promoting the development of V2G* system to charge and discharge electric vehicle storage batteries to commercial power grid systems.
V2G is a next-generation technology that contributes to the stabilization of commercial power grids.
We contribute to the further expansion and spread of electric vehicle and renewable energy products to improve our environment.

*Vehicle to Grid: Connecting electric vehicles to the power grid to utilize them as moving storage batteries.

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